11 Fun Facts About Jigsaw Puzzles You Probably Didn’t Know

Jigsaw puzzles for free are among the most interesting and addictive puzzles available out there. Thanks to the development of technology in the gaming world, you can now solve a jigsaw puzzle online whenever, wherever. This game involves assembling various pieces to form a picture or object.

But even though jigsaw puzzles are very popular, there are a number of interesting facts about them that many people are probably not aware of. In this article, we discuss some of the interesting facts about jigsaw puzzles. Let’s delve into them.

  • The jigsaw puzzle debuted in the 18th Century.

Even though many people take credit for the first jigsaw puzzle, most historians give credit to English engraver John Spilsbury, a Massachusetts-based puzzle manufacturer. Around 1760, Spilsbury mounted a world map on a sheet of hardwood and used a handsaw to cut around the country’s borders. He sold those maps as a geography-teaching tool.

  • They weren’t always mass-produced.

Mass production, as well as the wider availability of jigsaw puzzles, started in the 20th Century with the introduction of the die-cut machine. Metal dies for every puzzle were created and then pressed down on sheets of cardboard or softwood to cut them into pieces.

  • Jigsaw puzzles were once a rich man’s game.

Who would have thought that these free jigsaw puzzles, which are now played by anybody, were once a rich man’s game? Into the 19th Century, jigsaw puzzles started gaining popularity, and owning a deluxe jigsaw puzzle became a draw for rich families to use as a learning tool, and it even caught on with King George III. The best material of choice was hardwood, especially mahogany.

  • They became more popular during the Depression.

Bon Armstrong, a jigsaw collector who has written and lectured so much about puzzles, shared that jigsaw puzzles thrived during some of the world’s darkest days- the Great Depression. A number of these puzzles were made by skilled workers who lost their jobs suddenly.

  • During historically provided solace

During tough moments, jigsaw puzzles were a huge distraction then and even now. Puzzles offer an escape from any stressful situation, especially during the Great Depression, when the unemployment rate increased significantly. Jigsaw puzzles provided amusement when restaurants and nightclubs were out of reach for many people- something that is also common even today.

  • Jigsaw puzzles have their own museum.

As funny as it sounds, there is a place to see a staggering array of preserved puzzles. The Puzzle mansion in the Philippines is recognized by Guinness World Records as having the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles for free in the entire world. If you are a jigsaw puzzle lover, you can tour this mansion and get a glimpse of the 1,500+ collections.

  • They have gone digital.

You no longer need a large table to play a jigsaw puzzle these days. That’s because this puzzle game can now be played online. You can download them on Google Play Store or App Store and play them comfortably wherever. You can also play jigsaw puzzles on sites such as Jigsaw Explorers, which provides easy jigsaw puzzles that even beginners can do.

  • Jigsaw puzzles can benefit your health.

Other than offering players hours of endless fun, jigsaw puzzles can also benefit your health. They not only improve your concentration and tease your mind, but they can also improve your problem-solving skills. That’s why they have become very popular these days. So, a jigsaw puzzle got you covered if you are looking for a game that is good for the mind, body, and spirit.

  • They are good for patients with Alzheimer’s disease

A jigsaw puzzle is also ideal for those patients with Alzheimer’s disease because it provides therapeutic value. These puzzles have been shown to improve thinking skills, especially among those that suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

  • Jigsaw puzzles are available in countless themes.

These jigsaw puzzles are available in countless themes, not the usual landscape scene which many people are used to. There are jigsaw puzzles based on animals, famous works of art, natural wonders, holidays, hobbies, nostalgic scenes, movies, travel destinations, culinary creations, etc.

  • Jigsaw puzzles have gone 3D

Another interesting thing about jigsaw puzzles is that the traditional jigsaw puzzle is available in a 3D version, where you can put together everything from animals to the earth itself. These types of jigsaw puzzles may seem more like model building, but they are still considered part of the jigsaw universe.