2 Easy Ways To Introduce Variety to Your Remote Job

More of the population has moved to remote positions than ever before. Initially, jobs became remote temporarily, but as employees and companies saw the benefits many people are choosing to stay remote full-time. Businesses are enjoying downsizing or completely getting rid of their office spaces, while employees are getting rid of long, unnecessary commutes. Virtual meetings have become a breeze on platforms like Ooma web meetings, and workers are realizing they can travel more than once per year with traditional vacation time. Here are a couple of ways you can mix up your remote work and experience the freedom of working virtually.

1. Create Productivity Menus

Some people benefit from following a strict schedule, while others need more freedom within a basic structure. One way to stay productive while allowing yourself flexibility is to create productivity menus for yourself. These are lists that correspond to certain days of the week or times of day that offer you choices of tasks you can accomplish depending on your time constraints and other factors. A morning menu, for instance, can include tasks like working out, setting three work priorities for the day, or spending 15 minutes reading a self-improvement book. Write down 10-15 tasks to choose from, and you’ll be on your way to creating better habits without getting bored.

2. Change Your Environment

Staying in your house all day can begin to feel like a prison sentence more than a blessing if you don’t introduce some variety to your space. If you like the privacy or quiet of your home, moving to different tables and rooms in the house throughout the day can help you not feel tethered to your desk. If you live with others who are disturbing your work or just feel the need to get out, try visiting a coffee shop or joining a co-working space. Another easy way to change your environment while you’re at home is searching for ambiance videos on youtube. You can find simple videos with coffee shop or library sounds or more inventive choices where you can imagine working from an enchanted forest. That’s hard to find in a traditional office!

If you love working remotely but get bored quickly without the hustle and bustle of going to the office, try these tips to mix it up. You may love it so much, you will begin to wonder why you ever spent so much time going to an office in the first place.