3 easy marketing ideas for small business

If you own and use a small business, you are definitely interested in adding more new customers … referrals and repeat sales in your final outcome.

And if so, then this article may contain some keys to help you take your business, no matter the economy … your competition or something.

Give a quick read on this article and see for yourself:

3 Simple Marketing Ideas for Small Business:

1. What is your offer?

The next time you read a magazine, turn it over and look at the ads carefully. Give yourself 10 seconds to read each one. Then play a game with yourself. Try to determine what each ad offers the reader.

Is it something you have to get?

Is this something you could not say no?

Is it something that makes you thwart your seat because you “must have”?

I’ll bet all the money in the mint Franklin that 99% of deals in the ads you read are extremely low. And that’s if the ad contains a first offer.

And there is a lesson for you:

If you think each offer in this magazine you are reading is low, then everybody does it too.

This means the next time you create an offer to promote your business, make sure it’s something that nobody in their right mind could say no.

2. Who do you sell?

It is a common mistake to think that everyone is a good fit with your business. It’s not true. And let me give you an example.

When I owned a very successful company case, I used to think that anyone with a dog would be a fit with what I was trying to sell

It was a big mistake.


Because I learned quickly, I was looking for dog owners who valued what I was selling … and … who had money to pay for my products and services. This quickly reduced my goal, therefore, was my most effective marketing.

You need to determine who your ideal prospect is not to waste time and effort pursuing chasing anyone with a pulse.

3. Why should they buy from you now?

If you do not give your prospect a reason to buy anything you are trying to sell at this time, you will definitely be disappointed with your marketing results.


Since most people prefer to make a decision that is why your marketing piece should include some sort of incentive to purchase your CD player right now.

So there you have it.

Three easy ways to get better results from your next small business marketing campaign.

And one last thing:

If you’re serious about growing your business, then more than likely all you need are a few more good ideas like this article.

So ask yourself this:

Where can you turn for more good ideas like what you just read in this article?