4 Unique Cottage Industries that AI has Created

As the world continues to become more and more automated, the opportunities for individuals and small businesses to take advantage of the rapidly growing artificial intelligence (AI) technology have also increased. In 2023, there are several unique cottage industries that have been created because of AI, all of which present opportunities to individuals and small businesses to capitalize on this new technology. From streamlining processes with bot builders, to enhancing home security with AI-driven systems, to marketing with the massive growth in AI writers, and consulting with the use of AI and VR to improve coaching, there are a vast number of possibilities for individuals and small businesses to take advantage of the AI revolution.

Streamlining: Explosion of bot builders

Bot building using OpenAI technology is a cottage industry that is providing individuals and small groups of people with the ability to create web-based and software tools that streamline activities and solve problems for consumers and businesses. OpenAI is a platform that offers access to a wide range of AI-powered tools and technologies that can be used to build bots. This includes natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning, which can be used to create bots that can understand and respond to human language, automate tasks, and make predictions.

One of the key advantages of bot building using OpenAI is that it provides access to pre-built code and templates, allowing users to create their own bots quickly and efficiently. This means that individuals and small groups of people can create their own bots to streamline their own activities or to offer solutions to others. Furthermore, OpenAI provides a platform for users to share their bots with others and use them to build their own business. OpenAI provides a set of code and solutions, making it easy for entrepreneurs to create their own cottage industry companies by providing solutions that streamline activities and find solutions to problems for both consumers and businesses.

Security: Enhanced AI-driven home security

Small business entrepreneurs can start their own security companies by offering cloud-based AI-driven home security as a value-added service. By using AI technology, these companies can provide their customers with advanced features such as people and objects detection, recognition of unknown and suspicious people, and help in finding lost objects. Additionally, they can offer the capability to recognize violent behavior and abnormal behavior recognition, which can detect criminal activity and potential health risks. These features are not available with traditional security systems. Moreover, these companies can offer remote access and control of the security systems, allowing customers to monitor their homes from anywhere and receive alerts and notifications through their smartphones or other devices. These advanced security features can help small business entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves from traditional security companies and appeal to a wider range of customers looking for enhanced security for their homes.

Marketing: Massive growth in AI writers

AI writers have revolutionized the marketing industry, providing businesses with an incredible array of options to quickly and easily create content that is both engaging and effective. AI writing software such as AutoText can be used to write anything from long-form articles, to creating short-form social media posts, to rewriting website content, to writing email responses, to optimizing content for SEO, and marketing copy. This has allowed businesses to easily create content without having to hire expensive copywriters or spend time on writing it themselves.

The increased use of AI writers has also opened a cottage industry for home-based workers with little writing experience to offer services to companies that use these tools for copywriting. For example, many businesses are now outsourcing their copywriting to freelance writers who use AI writers to create content that meets their needs. This has enabled businesses to save money by cutting down on the cost of hiring a full-time copywriter, while also allowing them to quickly create content that is well-researched and engaging. As AI writers become even more sophisticated, it is likely that the demand for freelance writers utilizing these tools will only continue to grow.

Consulting: Using AI and VR to improve coaching

Using AI and VR to improve coaching is becoming increasingly popular amongst consultants. By integrating these two technologies into their coaching practices, consultants can offer their clients in-person coaching capabilities without the need for physical presence. This not only saves on travel expenses, but also lowers costs for clients. Furthermore, AI and VR also allow consultants to take on more clients as they no longer have to spend time traveling to distant locations.

AI and VR also make it easier for consultants to offer more personalized coaching sessions. One such example of how these 2 technologies have merged and are offering practical applications that can be used immediately is the virtual training solutions offered by VR Vision Group with their virtual reality training platform. It allows real-time connection and collaboration abilities for consultants to their clients at costs much lower than the costs from round trip airline tickets and in some cases the need for airport to business travel and overnight accommodations.

Also, by using AI to analyze data, consultants can identify trends and patterns in the client’s behavior, and then use VR to create a virtual environment that replicates the client’s real-life environment. This allows consultants to provide their clients with an experience tailored to their individual needs and offer in-depth analysis of the client’s progress and performance. This ensures that consultants can offer more effective coaching and give their clients a better understanding of the progress being made.


As AI technology continues to develop and evolve, opportunities for individuals and small businesses to capitalize on the technology will only continue to grow. In 2023, AI presents a number of unique cottage industries for individuals and small businesses to take advantage of, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the ever-growing AI revolution. In the coming years, it will be interesting to see how AI continues to shape the way that individuals and small businesses approach their businesses, and what new opportunities will arise as a result.