A simple way to perfect your cooking skills

You may not go to a cooking school to perfect your culinary skills. There are many small and easy things you can do whenever you cook to get more professional results, and cook much better. Below are some tips that will improve your cuisine.

Start with very good ingredients.

Use the imported parmigiano-reggiano contrary to domestic parmesan because it is much better. There is no comparison between the two ingredients. In addition, packaged crumbs and fresh homemade crumbs are very different from each other and using chocolate makes a big difference in the cake.

Take advantage of your hand.

Hands are usually very sophisticated and sensitive cooking tools. You can increase this touch sense with interest in how various foods feel at varied maturity levels. It must be so even when you check it using a knife, toothpick, or thermometer. For example, meat changes from being soft when raw until it is rather strong when done correctly. In addition, touch can also be used to find out when cakes are properly baked, pears are cooked, and if the mixture is electrified into the right consistency.

Start using sea salt or halal and avoid stingy when using it.

Sea salt and halal salt have a better taste than ordinary salt. Food should not feel salty. However, using minimal salt or no food is enough. Even though the recipe shows the amount of salt that you must use; Your ceiling – as well as your ingredients – may be different from the author’s prescription to allow adjustments.

Avoid density with sauteed.

Make sure you can see under a skillet between the food bits. Excessive food lowers the cooking pan temperature, produces too much steam. This means your food will not be brown well. It is also very important to dry food before sautéing it and make sure your pot is hot and nice.

Minimize fluid to ensure taste.

When you have vegetables or boiled meat, remove the main ingredients when done and minimize the sauce a little more before serving. After experiencing deglaza, make sure you reduce the liquid added through very high heat boil. In addition, minimizing homemade shares before use.

Try cooking with a little oil.

Healthy cooking recipes require you to use canola oil and extra-virgin oil. This is because they are healthy oil for various recipes. However, they still consist of 120 calories, the need to use it wisely. Try it including minimal oil to the soup of your choice, salad or sauteed recipe. Non-stick, cast iron, enameled, or a pot and a cooker pan lets you use very little oil by sticking out minimal.