Common Feedback Survey Questions From Employees

Just like 360 feedback questions, there are many ways to collect employee feedback. You can use a free survey template or create your own. Here are a few common questions to ask your employees:

Work-life balance

One of the most effective ways to understand employee engagement is to ask employees about their work-life balance. For example, asking employees about their hours of work, whether they feel valued, and whether they work overtime can shed light on work-life balance issues. In many cases, the answers to these questions can help you create policies that will help your employees achieve work-life balance. However, to understand employee engagement, you must know their inclinations.

The busyness of today’s workplace leads to a bad work-life balance. Representatives who lack a healthy work-life balance are more likely to be burnt out, make mistakes, and become progressively focused. To measure work-life balance, you must ask the right survey questions. Below are some of the most common feedback survey questions for employees. Once you’ve asked these questions, you’ll have a good idea of how well your organization’s work-life balance is.


The first question you should ask is whether your company fosters a culture of respect. Respect is important in the workplace, as employees answer to their managers and interact with their coworkers on a daily basis. While appreciation is important, it is even more important for employees to feel respected by their supervisors and peers. Encourage teamwork and brainstorm solutions to problems together. Reward those who put in extra effort and challenge one another to do better. Encourage collaboration and challenge one another to improve learning curves and processes.

Another question to ask is whether you have the proper environment for the employees. This includes the environment, work-life balance, and promotion policies. A healthy work environment fosters employee engagement. Employees who feel respected feel satisfied, and the boss should treat everyone equally.


While it may seem easy to create a feedback survey that asks all sorts of questions, achieving transparency requires a more comprehensive approach. For example, transparency in the way employees receive feedback is essential to the development of positive workplace culture. Fortunately, transparency can be achieved in a number of ways. For starters, employees should feel free to share their thoughts and opinions with managers. For instance, the ShowUp survey asks employees six questions that measure relevant individual traits. This makes it possible to focus on identifying the specific problems in the company culture rather than trying to generalize them.

While transparency in common feedback survey questions from employees is important in all areas, it can also help pinpoint problems. Transparency in common feedback survey questions from employees will help employers to see where they need to improve. One way to ensure this is to use a platform like ShowUp to collect and analyze team pulse data. This tool can help you gather this information without compromising privacy and anonymity. For this, you can also ask your employees to rate their colleagues’ attitudes toward their work and to share their feedback with the rest of the company.

The feeling of being part of a team

Employees should be asked how they feel like members of the team. Feelings of team engagement are contagious and are reflected in the way people behave. When team members are happy, they communicate their deep satisfaction to their coworkers. Surveys should include open-ended questions and general comments. Most employee feedback surveys focus on tangible things, but you can also include questions on leadership and development.

Providing recognition is a key driver of employee engagement. Most employees crave recognition, particularly from managers and other leaders. If they don’t feel appreciated, they’ll seek it elsewhere. Provide frequent recognition to boost employee engagement. By asking employees how they feel appreciated, you can improve their performance and experience. In addition, employees are more likely to feel part of a team if they receive recognition often.

Feeling of growth

One of the most popular employee feedback survey questions is “How do I feel about my job?” The answer is as varied as the number of employees and the position’s responsibilities. If you want to measure your employees’ feelings of growth, you can ask a series of yes or no questions related to the topic. You can also ask employees about their ideas, suggestions, leadership, and participation. It is important to use the survey results to improve the structure and content of future surveys.