Cyber Security Engineers are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Cyber security is the only way businesses can protect themselves from data breach scandals. A career in cyber security could be your ticket to success.

There should be no question over the value of cyber security technicians in the business world. It should be a matter of course that any big business hires one to test the limits of their online defences. If a cyber security analyst can breach your firewalls, your consumer’s data is at risk. Today, we want to examine just how much your business is at risk from cyber crims, as well as discussing which big brands and industrial sectors are hiring.

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The Role of the Cyber Security Engineer

The role of the cyber security engineer is twofold. They must be able to test systems from the outside, acting as a legal hacker who you pay to try and hack your online systems. If they are successful, your systems are not good enough. Luckily for you, the other part of the cyber security engineer’s role is to develop better systems so that the next hacker that comes along can’t break into your online data.

Cyber security engineers develop software systems of their own that prevent hacking on a corporate level. This role can earn a cool £50,000 per year, with an average UK hourly rate of £25 an hour[i].

Why it’s so Essential to have Cyber Security Systems in Place?

This begs the question of why we need all of this protection? Surely businesses aren’t that at risk from data breaches? The truth behind this is that a data breach absolutely annihilates a business’s hard earned reputation. Even if the breach is small, a successful hack sticks with your brand forever.

Let’s look back at a few examples to emphasise the point. In one example, the North Koreans hacked South Korean weapons systems. This is at the top extreme of the damage hacking can cause. Imagine you work for a weapons manufacturer and those weapons are sent to the wrong place? Here in the UK, the average cost of a data breach is about £2.7 million. That’s a lot of money to lose your firm when you could just have added a firewall.

What industries are hiring Cyber Security Professionals?

To understand what businesses do with cyber security professionals is to understand what sectors of industry require them. The answer is simple: the bigger the brand name, the bigger the need for online protection. Big brands have targets on their backs because hackers perceive them as being a victimless crime. Often, the consumers cash is underwritten by insurance policies. However, it is not always the cash that suffers.

Your reputation will suffer, your sales will fall, your customer loyalty will reduce. If you don’t take cyber security seriously, your business is at risk no matter which sector. Primarily, however, any business that stores copious amounts of consumer data is most at risk. This means doctor’s offices and dental surgeries, banks and building societies, finance firms, marketing firms, and many others. A career in cyber security right now means you will never be out of work. Are you brave enough to upload your CV?