Enabling More Profits Through Proper Utilization of Technology Solutions

There’s two kinds of business proprietors who consider technology differently:

Type I – “The Gadget Person”

This kind of owner embraces technology for the most part levels. They’re considered “early adopters” from the technology perspective. The gadget guys were the very first ones to obtain a Palm Pilot in 1995 and loaded all of their contacts around the device. These were excited to create appointments and also have electronic reminders beep all day long lengthy.

Type II – “Just have great results”

This kind of owner proudly proclaims they know hardly any to nothing about technology and therefore are happy to let it rest this way. These were cautious about email initially, but have started to depend onto it a great deal.

Both types are enthusiastic about their business and may need proper use of the best technology solutions.

Understand Your Process

Along with technologies are “process.” Process is understood to be steps needed to fabricate your product or service or even the way to provide the services you provide. A clear and efficient process is paramount to applying any technology solution effectively. The incorrect, or inefficient process, will make you spend $100k with an unnecessary system. The efficient process could save you money when applying technology and really should make you profit. It’s very important for the business that you simply examine all of your processes BEFORE applying any technology solution.

In case your process is efficient, then applying a technology solution will automate the operation that will correctly enable growth. Around the flipside, in case your process is inefficient, then applying technology is going to be pricey and sure prevent itself. Technology with regard to technology won’t solve anything. Actually, with no proper process and strategy, you will probably lead to further problems and lower your margins by making use of the incorrect technology solution. A technology “solution” should solve something.

A technology solution should meet a minumum of one from the following four criteria:

1. reduce operating expenses

2. automate existing (efficient) ways to enable growth

3. offer an effective way to communicate

4. give your business to enhance its products and/or services

Prior to the first cent is spent, insure that the examine these criteria.

Mike Echlin is really a 20-year technology veteran that has helped many small companies optimize their utilization of technology. Technologies are an enabler for profits, period.