Enhance Employee Experience with AI-based Relevance Platforms

The pandemic caused us to move from a hybrid world to a fully digital world in the blink of an eye. This put an incredible amount of pressure on IT leaders to adopt, adapt, and implement leading-edge technologies like AI and cloud computing. While doing so, these IT leaders needed to continue to manage a wide variety of pre-existing applications, on-premises systems, and devices. Employees couldn’t afford to be slowed down by all of the changes. This is  a tall order, but for many, a Relevance platform proved to be the lyrical sun at the end of a long, cold, lonely winter.

What Is a Relevance Platform?

A Relevance platform is a digital platform that enables companies to effectively communicate with their employees and customers. It brings together the content you have with the way people interact with that content.

Any search engine can answer user queries, but is matching documents with keywords enough to find what your employees or customers are looking for? Quite often, the answer is no.

By applying artificial intelligence and user-assistive technology on top of search, a Relevance platform can breathe new life into applications by making them smarter, more helpful, and – in the end – more profitable.

What Should You Look for in the Best Relevance Platform?

A strong Relevance platform guides employees and customers to what they need to find – without them even realizing it. It has many elements, including these:

  • Crawling modules and custom connectors that can pull content from on-premises systems and push it to the search index, without raising any red flags when it comes to security.
  • Dynamic facets powered by AI.
  • Personalized recommendations enable you to guide your users by the hand to find what they need – whether that be informational content or products.
  • In-product engagement and communication provides relevant support right within your product.


How Can a Relevance Platform Enhance Employee and Customer Experience?

A strong Relevance platform can:

  • Accelerate time to productivity for new hires
  • Enable employees and customers to get the information they need speedily and without any hassles
  • Reduce the downtime associated with looking for information
  • Provide IT teams with data to help them improve their platform

Discover how AI-based Relevance platforms by Coveo can enhance employee experience.