For what purpose made a school board?

Universities and universities may be a private government and sometimes in special cases covered by existing laws, partially owned by both parties. Running school operations, especially tertiary schools is not managed alone because of various manned departments by educated and trained professionals from human resources to households, are needed in such a way that the school operation will run smoothly.

For one, the school board is in many large educational institutions. Made from the need, the school advisory board, as designated by universities or college deans, is a voluntary professional group or individual community such as alumni, business tycoons, parents of students, trusted friends, church leaders and among others parts about problems and activities about school.

How does the school board operate? What is the purpose of his creation? One function of the school board is counseling. The council advised the Dean, faculty and staff about strategies and problems related to policies related to improving the quality of education provided and the reputation of the school. The Board takes part in the creation of school policy regarding the academic performance of students such as the creation of a policy that regulates scholarship grants and assessment systems and behavior performance that includes sanctions and violations for students and employees.

Another function of the school board is a financial support system. The school board is also assigned to create or provide leverage for additional school financial support to realize its objectives, programs, and activities that will advance the quality of education provided by the school thus produce high-quality graduates. A school for example can have its own way to engage in profit-oriented activities such as the formation of a school dormitory which is only for students and employees, the cafeteria is run by the school itself or the construction of commercial buildings for rent or rented for business entities.

The Board is also designated as a system of links or support groups both inside and outside the school by supporting the school program, assessing currency and the relevance of the curriculum and identifying strengths for praise and weaknesses for repairs and sharing their clinical and theoretical expertise. Furthermore, as a system of links to the outside, the board is expected to forge bonds among people and other organizations such as hospitals, banks and other business establishments for their student internships. A medical school for example is expected to have created relationships with certain communities, hospitals, public health centers and rehabilitation centers for clinical exposure to students during PLK training.

Since the school board consists of individuals who directly do not benefit financially and sometimes do not receive compensation but only the honorarium of the services they rendered for schools, their existence does not create controversies in connection with financial problems because they are separate entities from school operations Ordinary than the functions mandated by school policy.