FUT 23 Coins – problems that arise when buying them

Buying Coins packs online is a very popular way to increase the team budget in FIFA Ultimate Team mode. The most important issue from the player’s perspective is to choose the right seller. This means that such an entity should ensure the safety of the transaction, and at the same time ensure that the delivery of FIFA 23 Coins (FUT 23 Coins) reaches the player’s account undetected by EA Sports. This is possible thanks to constantly upgraded procedures that take into account changes in algorithms for detecting external transfers.

However, let’s assume that everything will be fine from this perspective. Is this the end of the problems? Let’s check!

FIFA 23 buy Coins – a list of the most common irregularities

If you have carefully selected your Coins supplier you have made sure that it is an entity that has been in the market for several years and carries out several hundred transactions a day, and you have read plenty of reviews, you can proceed with your purchase. In some situations you may encounter temporary difficulties. There is a small chance of this, but it is worth being prepared.

  1. No access to your account – this is the message that appears when you are logged into your account. You must log out of FUT and exit to the main menu. Only then can you shut down the device or the game.
  2. Invalid security codes – if the codes you entered are incorrect, try generating them again. Without them, it will not be possible to transfer FIFA 23 Coins to your account.
  3. No minimum amount of FIFA 23 Coins in your account – in order to complete your order, you must have at least 2,000 Coins in your account In case of an incomplete amount, you must first replenish it.
  4. Unassigned cards – there are still unassigned cards in your FUT account. At the time of transfer, this situation cannot occur. Return to the merchant with the information about the card assignment.
  5. Not enough places on the transfer list – there should be at least 5 free places on the transfer list. Otherwise the delivery cannot take place.
  6. Blocked transfer market – the transfer market on your account is inactive. It can be unlocked by, for example, playing matches in FUT. There are cases in which the market simply becomes active after a few days of Ultimate Team mode use.
  7. Incorrect account data – The data required to complete the order (e-mal and WebApp password) are incorrect. Check them for correctness and give the correct data to the seller.
  8. Wrong platform – the data you have provided is for an account on a different platform than the one selected during the order. Inform the seller if you want to specify another account or if the Coins are to be transferred to another platform.
  9. No FUT club on the account – there is no FUT club on the account specified. You need to find the correct account (after logging in, check that club settings such as card composition etc. are visible) and provide the correct details to the seller.

FUT 23 Coins – summary

The above anomalies should not discourage anyone. They occur relatively rarely. The majority of transactions are carried out successfully and players can almost immediately enjoy a flurry of Coins that will feed into the team budget. More information on this topic can be found at: https://supercoinsy.com/.