How Reliable Are Third-Party Online Technical Support Services?

There has been a persistent decline in the support level of PC manufacturers for their products. The reason could be anything from the growing focus on new products, changed strategy, and to the availability of third-party services providers who are willing to make money by taking up the pending task of even big companies such as Sony, Apply, Lenovo, and Microsoft among others.

These 3rd party service providers offer on-site and off-site technical support services for users across the world. Essentially, we are concerned about the offsite (online) tech companies that offer remote technical support services at the cost lower than the manufacturer or publisher of your hardware and software applications etc.

There are several online technical support services out there in the world that stay ready to help out users of their problems just at the comfort of their home. It is always good to have a tech expert by your side for 24×7, 365-days-a-year for instant take care of your technical needs.

Online technical support services have given users the freedom from lugging their PCs, printer, routers etc. to a local repair shop and getting it fixed there. This would otherwise not only consume time and money but also lead to loss of work and ultimately money.

You can connect to an online technician via toll-free phone service or online chat for anytime, anywhere resolution. So whether you are home or at office, simply dial their phone number or get online to chat with them to fix whatever problem you face with your PC, laptop, router, modem, printer, scanner etc.

So far, we have just talked about their ease of availability. But, what about the reliability factor? Are these online technical support companies reliable enough to be given remote access to your computer, or banking/credit card details? This is indeed a billion dollar question as I had to put in thorough amount of research, investigation to find out if these companies can be trusted for.

Of course, there are legitimate companies that have established business and sufficient resources to serve customers. However, there are fraud companies also that only have one motive, and that is to make money by cheating upon innocent customers. Often, customers unaware of certain things fall prey to such fraudsters and bear severe financial, personal, confidential losses.

Choose or Loose

You need to keep certain things in your mind before making any decision to associate with a company for incident-based or yearly plans. You can save yourself from confidential, financial loss just by choosing the right company

o Ask for the company’s full address, location, and existence in business etc.

o Check the company’s website for the detailed information, check if it looks legitimate or a fake one with content written in poor grammar

o Read independent customer reviews for the company

o Compare the prices with your hardware/software manufacturer or publisher

o Ensure that you are not being charged for a free software version

o Check the mode of payment, insist for PayPal or other secured MOPs

o Verify that the invoice is being drawn on the company’s name and not on some individual’s. It is really important as you might be asked to make payment to an individual’s account

o Ensure when the support is supplied by certified technicians or otherwise