How to Become a Business Manager – A Guide

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Business or administrative managers form the backbone of a company. They are responsible for keeping the wheels of the business moving in a smooth manner by planning, coordinating and directing a broad range of activities in their organization.

If you have excellent organizational, communication and analytical skills, a friendly disposition, and above all, leadership qualities, you may want to explore the option of becoming a business manager.

Most businesses, however, have some predefined qualifying criteria to fill business manager positions in their outfits. One of the most important credentials that you’ll need for becoming a business manager is a relevant college degree.

There are several business degree programs you can choose to become a business manager. Let’s take a closer look at some of the business programs that will lead you to this exciting and lucrative career.

Associate’s Degree in Business Management

According to the 2010-11 edition of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employee Handbook (, graduates with an Associate’s degree are increasingly being favored for the role of office managers in small business firms as well as lower-level administrative positions.

You may also qualify for entry-level or assistant jobs with an Associate’s business degree. As a business manager, you may need to exhibit accounting skills. So, choosing business programs with emphasis on accounting could prove useful in your day to day work.

Graduates can further their career prospects by acquiring relevant professional certifications on top of a business degree.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

However, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration may tie in more closely with your career objective of becoming a business manager.

Most large companies require at least a Bachelor’s degree for higher-level administrative services manager roles. Business degrees at this level will impart training to graduates in a variety of advanced business concepts including accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, business law, etc.

The role of a business manager also involves working closely with technology since it has become such an integral part of running a business. That’s perhaps why most business programs have started integrating topics such as computer fundamentals, database management, and other high-tech courses into their curricula.

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Getting a graduate degree is one way for business managers to advance their careers. A Master’s degree in Business Administration or related field may help them rise up the ranks to higher-level positions in their organization.

In fact, many employers encourage their employees to seek advanced degrees as a tool for career progression. Some even sponsor part or whole of the college tuition and fees of deserving candidates.

There are many options for business managers who are interested in advanced business degrees. Executive programs targeted for working professionals that usually run classes on weekends are something they can consider.

Another very attractive option for such individuals is an online MBA degree. Online business programs can be pursued by candidates without disturbing their current lifestyle.