Increase customer feedback through cellular technology

Business must utilize smartphone technology to gather consumer feedback.

With a fast increase in smartphones such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices become increasingly valuable as a consumer survey channel and now it must be utilized by organizations that want to improve customer service.

A large number of businesses turned to the internet for the past ten years to gather feedback through online surveys but now using the web is usually done using smartphone technology.

Engaging with customers who use smartphones is very important because it has been predicted there will be one billion of these devices used throughout the world in the next three to five years.

When trying to design a suitable survey for cellphones, it is important that businesses understand that they must be interactive and dynamic because modern customers are more intelligent in technology.

An effective cellular survey must be designed so that users do not have to continue to zoom in to see questions and then continue to scroll up and down to see the rest of the page.

Online surveys must be automatically given into the appropriate format so that smartphone owners can respond to complete surveys by utilizing the user-friendly interface device.

There are many advantages to using cellular technology to engage with customers because devices can provide business contacts with demographics that previously cannot be accessed such as younger consumers.

Organizations can also access consumers in emerging markets from the BRIC economy and busy business people who cannot spend time in front of desktop or laptop computers.

Using cellular technology will also allow organizations to get feedback as soon as customers interact with their business more valuable because the experience will be fresh in their minds.

Furthermore, geolocation tracking can allow business to see exactly where customers when responding to surveys and this will open the world of possibilities in terms of marketing.

There are always certain risks using new channels to produce customer feedback such as sample bias but the positive definitely exceeds negative when it comes to exploiting new information.

Performance improvement consultant experts can help organizations improve customer service by increasing the way they collect feedback by applying system thinking theory.