New computer technology spread to media throughout the house

For quite a long time now, the computer industry has tried to bring computer technology to more and more different home parts. While the benefits of having access to computers at home in each room can be very clear, consumers mostly reject technology that will do something like that. It can be seen best in recurrent encouragement (and failure) by the computer industry to make the home part of the house part of the home entertainment system. In the past, these computers were basically designed to use a living room TV, instead of conventional computer monitors – to display their desktop and graphics. The house stereo system will also act as computer speakers, and the keyboard and the mouse will be connected to a computer wirelessly. The general idea is that such a system user will be able to explore the Internet, write email, and complete the work of all from the comfort of his favorite sofa or easy seats. Unfortunately, the idea of ​​making a PC part of the home entertainment center has not really been caught among mainstream consumers despite the repeat efforts of the computer industry.

Two technologies that reach their maturity tend to change this situation. One is an increase in the capacity of the computer system to handle videos and the other is increasing network capacity to transmit a large number of data that form videos. Wireless home networks have been popular in many new homes and technology making it more feasible to transmit videos through wireless networks.

There are a number of devices that have emerged to take advantage of new capabilities found this to send videos wirelessly to make it – together with other types of media that can be accessed throughout the house. One of these devices is PC TouchSmart from Hewlett Packard. The dominating feature of this device is a 19-inch touch screen with a ratio of 16: 9 aspect which will detect touch and allow users to point directly to the icons and menus they want to access. In the sense of the entire screen like a large version of the pointer pad on a laptop computer. The TouchSmart PC is also equipped with a separate mouse and the keyboard stored below the screen when it is not used, but both wireless for it can be taken throughout the room to use.

The main idea of ​​PC TouchSmart is to be used in higher traffic areas of houses such as kitchens. That way when family members are in the kitchen for cooking or eating food they will be able to quickly and easily access video, music, digital photos, or internet. Some of these media can be stored on the PC touchsmart hard drive, accessed from other computer hard drives (such as possible HP’s Vault media), or of course the Internet. With the label price of almost $ 1800 PC TouchSmart may be a difficult selling as a device for most families to buy only as comfort.