New Technologies: Command and Conquest Reborn

He was once very boring (yes, I also feel like you) I surfed the net trying to look for something good to read. Good thing, after almost 3 hours of infinite surf, go to different links and back to the home page, I found some most interesting technology gadgets on a website with cool gadgets today. So I decided to create my own idea of ​​sharing new technological new to the rest of you who did not go to this site.

Our favorite RTS on HTML5 as a feature on new technological new

If you were born in the 80s and earlier, you may have spent your childhood play at the beginning of the RTS games (real-time strategy) on our inexpensive and beloved consoles. Order and conquer anyone? We always see this game on our consoles today with improved game games, excellent display graphic wise and a better gaming environment.

But we all remember those days when we are breaking up and we fought against our friends on how we destroyed the camp of enemies with our own version of dirty tactics of the war. Even if the first C & C was in 2D with a ugly graphical interface and a slow pace (sometimes Laggy), we all love it.

But a software and a web developer on behalf of Aditya Ravi Shankar bring all the nostalgia on the cowards when he has made a clone of our RTS game once preferred to our browsers. He has developed the game using HTML5 to improve its coding skills and was supposed to try simple tower defense games. But, without definitive reasons, he jumped directly to make RTS games and made it special when he decided to order and conquer.

He has finished cloning in a period of 16 hours a day for a whole month and not to mention a whole week of fever because of prolonged hours of work. Although the game is still finished with all insects and all the problems, Shankar receives help that it needs colleagues who have tried the game on their own computers.