Omnichannel 101: How the Ombori Grid Can Fuel Your Retail Innovations

As we move steadily into a future where digitalized services are increasingly important, modern businesses are being asked to be more accommodating than ever before. Perhaps for that reason, you’ll see and hear high-level discussions on the omnichannel approach to retail services. Omnichannel strategies are all but essential in today’s modern workplace, but what exactly are they?

Understanding the Omnichannel Approach

It can be hard to pin down the omnichannel approach in a few words. In the simplest way possible, we can describe omnichannel as better enabling customers to access brands or services from any device, at any time, while seamlessly integrating both the offline and online worlds.

At its core, the omnichannel approach is about interacting with customers and choosing how those same customers interact with you. Driven by technology, an omnichannel strategy is a methodology that has been carefully honed to maximize profits and brand support.

Why Do You Need Omnichannel?

The Ombori Grid is an innovative digital display that seamlessly integrates mobile experiences into the public environment, informing visitors while fostering better sales. Omnichannel strategies, often employed in conjunction with the Ombori Grid, can directly boost your business, its reputation, and the overall morale of your shoppers.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and its corresponding shutdowns as a frame of reference, it is easy to understand why accessible inventory and convenient shopping practices will become the new norm going forward.

Key Advantages to Omnichannel Strategies

  • More Likely To Complete Larger Sales If Item Can Be Held
  • Nearly 40% of Online Shoppers Add to Their Order at the Time of Pickup
  • Centralized Shipping and Fulfilment For Convenience
  • Access to Live Inventory Reduces Consumer Stress, Display Space

There are many organizations and corporations employing omnichannel strategies with great success at the time of this writing. Nearly 80% of major retailers in both Europe and the United States state that they have or expect to have an omnichannel strategy soon. The Ombori Grid is a digital approach to this larger strategy, fueling businesses to provide better services.

How Do You Integrate an Omnichannel Strategy?

The Ombori Grid is a fantastic tool to implement within a broader omnichannel approach. Developing an omnichannel strategy can lead to a range of new and exciting experiences, benefiting your business as well as your shoppers. While there is no secret formula to the perfect omnichannel strategy, there are a few tried-and-true steps to pay attention to.

  • Optimize For All Channels – From the Apple Watch to the newest iPhone, an omnichannel approach requires a focused approach on optimization for all media channels. Make sure your content is accessible!
  • Start With Mobile – The vast majority of internet use occurs within the palm of our hands and so the same goes for shopping. Mobile devices are the defacto way to consume shopping experiences, so optimize your website for this avenue first.
  • Convenience & Optimization – Shopping should be easy and if your potential customers hit a hurdle, they might just bail out altogether. Design for convenience and optimization while assuming every step of the process can be fragmented.

Omnichannel strategies are not just an ideal way to facilitate more sales while improving customer relations. Omnichannel strategies are also ideal for boosting employee morale while making their tasks easier on a day-by-day basis.