Should You Use Binance Or Coinbase?

A quick comparison of binance vs coinbase would be useful for anyone thinking about trading or investing in either one. While both of these are the most popular currency exchanges out there, they do have a few different points between each one.

This article will focus specifically on highlighting those points and hopefully assist you, the reader, determine which currency exchange is best suited for your individual needs. Coinbase Binance comparison is very easy to read and is the most recommended way to decide on which way to go for your investing and trading needs.

One of the first major differences between the two is that Binance, the direct competitor of Coinbase, is not fiat currencies based exchange. It instead works primarily in the form of crypto shares, meaning that it is a virtual asset that exists solely as a result of an internet-trading firm creating an account with them and holding it through the process of buying and selling commodities or securities.

Whereas, with Coinbase the main attraction to investors using the system is the ability to trade with any fiat currency, but the main attraction to traders using this platform is the ability to trade with any type of digital asset.

Another thing to note about both Binance and Coinbase is that they offer extremely high levels of customer support. While I don’t have an issue with this at all, some people in the industry might feel differently.

There is no difference in the amount of customer support between the two exchanges, though I did notice that when I was having some trouble with my account, I always reached somebody through their customer support chat support hours. This was much better than working with a third-party company that would just close my account and gives me no reason for it. Customer service is always going to be important regardless of which platform you go with.

Of course, another consideration that goes along with what is bnb coin is that itis very user-friendly and make it easy for virtually anybody to use. Both of these platforms are very nice to use, and they are almost certainly the easiest out of any of the four exchanges I used.

One other thing to consider is that while the majority of users who tested both Binance and Coinbase noted that both platforms had reasonable levels of support, some users indicated that there was quite a bit of discrepancy with regards to the quality of support.

The final thing to take into consideration is the liquidity of the two trading platforms. You should always consider how liquid the trading platform is before selecting between them. I tested both coinage vs Binance on the test net which is a demo version of the actual product and then compared the results of my test trades on the real platform.