Six Cybersecurity Threats to Expect in 2020

Cybercrime is increasingly impacting the security of individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. This is because of the availability of digital systems that tend to find its way into more and more areas of people’s daily lives. Digitization provides a lot of benefits; however, these systems and their users are safe from attacks. Being aware of trends in cybersecurity helps people stay on top of us cyber security: These trends include the following:

Faster Spread of Smart Consumer Devices

Every year, the number and performance of smart devices are increasing, which makes them attractive targets for cybercriminals. The proliferation of smart devices makes it possible that the attack surface could increase significantly.

Increase Risk of an Internet Health Crisis Due to Medical Device Ownership

Over the past decade, personal medical devices have been connected to the Internet as a part of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). These include insulin pumps, glucose and heart monitors, pacemakers, and defibrillators. Also, scientists have determined an increasing number of software vulnerabilities and showed the feasibility of attacks on these products, that can result in targeted attacks on both individuals and entire product classes.

Increasing Attacks to Vehicles and Transport Infrastructure

The development of software and hardware platforms has resulted in the increased connection of vehicle and transport infrastructure. But, this also means a rise in the number of vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. Cyberattacks that target transport could impact the safety of road users and result in widespread disruption of traffic and urban safety.

The Reality of Threats to Shipping

A lot of aspects of shipping can be vulnerable to attacks like ship navigation, ship computer network, and port logistics. Evidence shows that activist groups are experimenting with direct attacks on ship navigation systems and computer networks to extort ransom. This requires shipping companies to invest in cyber security services.

Cybersecurity Skills Gaps

This year, the demand for cybersecurity experts will continue to exceed supply with security teams dealing with more online threats than before. Surveys show that teams find it challenging to ensure their skills and the skills of other members are up-to-date. They claim there is a lack of investment in terms of improving in-house cybersecurity expertise.

Increasing Awareness of the Significance of Cybersecurity

With a lot of organizations going through major transformations, awareness of the presence of cyberattacks is increasing for both small and large organizations. Companies have understood that having a highly effective cybersecurity strategy and cyber incident response plan is an absolute necessity.