Understanding Basics of Cloud-computing

“Cloud-computing” for non-technical person may seems like internet based solutions designed for paradise. Well, this might seem in keeping with some extend as Cloud-computing removes huge Capital Expenditure from consumers perspective and provides them freedom of using best technology on rental basis. Cloud-computing gives its customer an effective and simple solution, where they do not need to bother about deploying and managing huge network, computers and software infrastructure.

By utilizing Cloud-computing customers can help to eliminate or avoid capital expenditure if you rent then third party services. Customers can use sources as services and just spend the money for sources they use. You are able to consider Cloud-computing as subscription based Telephone or Electricity service, where customer is likely to pay for just for anything they have consumed.

To really make it more simpler let us take illustration of a clinical center or clinic which needs a software solution for maintaining patients records, managing appointments and schedules, accounting, crm along with other integrated solutions. Medical Center can buy Servers, install network, purchase multiple software programs and implement all of this by bearing an enormous one cost. This cost is going to be adopted by monthly maintenance cost, salaries of technical human sources like: project manager, network engineer, support specialist and other associated costs. OR company can rent monthly / yearly plan from the software company who provides Online needed software solution/s. The entire solution is going to be located on third party’s servers which may be utilized by medical center through internet. This can minimize company’s capital expense cost dramatically. This capital could be put in other business areas for gaining better financial returns. Thus, these web located solutions which may be referred as Software As Service (SaaS), and SaaS belongs to Cloud-computing.

In Summary, we are able to state that, Cloud-computing customers don’t own the physical infrastructure and also the computer programs they might require, rather they utilize renting monthly or yearly use of software and hardware from third-party provider/s. Many of these sources could be utilized through internet thus staying away from internally networking cost. They consume sources like a service and only pay for sources they use.

Though Cloud-computing is comparatively new on the market but it is getting popular very quickly. In future years we will have lot many companies benefiting from it since it not just reduces cost but additionally give advantages like versatility, mobility by being able to access your applications everywhere and easy storing high amount of data on 3rd party servers.