What Are Meraki Cloud-based Switches And Their Features?

Today, in the 21st century, new technological gadgets are continuously introduced in the market and they are competing with one another in respect of their features and developments. One of the products of such scientific innovation is the meraki switch. It is a cloud-managed access cum aggregation switch that combines the benefits of a cloud-based centralized guard and a super-strong and reliable access platform. The positive side of meraki switches is that one can anytime skillfully configure, manage, and fix them from a device’s simple portal of his choice and the credit for it goes to the switches’ cloud management system.

How Do These Switches Work?

Meraki network switches work with the help of a cloud-based program and comprises energy-efficient dual-power supplies along with variable-speed fans. Besides, they also work with the help of its various parts like stacking connectors, MTBF-extended life components, 48 × 1 GbE ports (with 802.3 af/802.3 @ PoE/PoE+), 4 ×10 GbE (SFP+) uplink connectivity uplink ports and enhanced CPU meraki cloud management. The switches work seamlessly with any cloud-based Wi-Fi access points, security solutions, and loT devices.

Many companies offer these switches with lifetime warranty whereas the other gives their warranty for a certain period. The Meraki software and assistance licensing model also integrates various software upgrades, phone support, and centralized systems management, and that too under one easy-to-understand model.

Meraki Network Switches highlights:

Here are some of the positive sides of meraki switches-

  • Switches certifying no compromise of any power or flexibility
  • Managed through an elegant and reflexive cloud interface, allowing the administrators to squander less time on the layout or configuration
  • Meets business needs
  • No requirement for redundant, command-based configuration
  • True 0-touch configuration that scales with every necessity of various organizations
  • Fundamental layer 2 to outstanding performance layer 3 switches
  • Comprises integrated troubleshooting methods, logging, alerting reduce operational expenses, etc
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Flexible loading for scaled configuration
  • Overall impressive performance
  • Reduced time to resolution
  • Simple integration into prevailing and mixed infrastructures
  • Stack power feature and enhanced physical stacking

Their Features:

Meraki switches comprise all the conventional Ethernet features that are usually found on all the highest-end products. Here are the features of these switches-

  • They prioritize mission-critical traffic (for example, voice, video, etc) and provide the best quality service
  • MAC-based RADIUS auth + MAC allowlisting
  • Provides port mirroring support that helps in monitoring the system’s network traffic at a line rate
  • IGMP snooping that optimizes network performance using multicast traffic
  • Comprises RSTP, root guard, and BPDU guard
  • LACP allows high-capacity trunking, high availability, and stacking
  • DHCP snooping that prevents users from putting in unauthorized DHCP servers within the network
  • Sophisticated defense policy management
  • Superior execution layer 3 routing potential
  • Per port VLAN layout


It’s always advised to choose wisely when one decides to purchase any scientific innovative system and what is better than to choose a type of switch that comprises all the essential features altogether in it! The features of the intelligent campus, branch switching, wired security devoid of compromise, and skillful troubleshooting has certainly made meraki network switches the best choice of switches in this generation.