Change your mind and change your business

In many ways, your business systemization starts with changes in mindset. That is, take steps back from your business, and see your business from outside in an approach, or a look that looks decreasing.

What this means is that if you want to get back more time in your workday and you want to stop your business suck your life, you really have to know what your high and strategic value activities are, versus your important but important activities. ,

High-value strategic activities are activities produced and benefit you must do if your business will succeed.

Low value, but important activities are those that must be done to trace your business. The benefit of this exercise is that you create an idea of ​​what your role “must” like in your business.

You create a “final status” of what you have to do in your business. You then have a starting point (where you are now and all the tasks and routine activities that you are doing) and the end point (where you have to be for your business to grow so you have more time and more fun doing what you set out to do)

Clearly knowing the difference between high value and low-value work will allow you to objectively see where your current time is spent in connection with where it actually needs to be spent. From here, it’s often easier to make a shift from “this is what I need to do every day in my business to keep going”, for “this is what I have to do in my business every day to make it business I always want” ,

After you know what you have to do and the results and benefits will be brought, it becomes much easier to let go of things that weigh on you, things you don’t want to do anymore and things that are fair unpleasant.

So, to start freeing your time, the first thing you need to do is find out what your high value strategic activities are – anything you can only do that will determine the success or failure of your business.

Next, identify all low-value activities that you are currently doing and honestly ask yourself “If I have a step-by-step procedure about how to do this, and I can clearly state my expectations around this task, can it be done by others “

If the answer is “yes”, then it is necessary outside your plate. You need to document it as soon as possible. After you document, the task can be done by others, free your time to focus on high-value strategic work that you identify in the first step.

Wrap: Even if your business is only your current, it is never too early to start identifying what your high-value strategic activities versus where you are investing your time at low value but important work.

The key is to invest your time in your business in a meaningful way for you and produce real results and results. Choosing a place to invest your time becomes much easier when you have a procedure for your duties and routine activities because it means you only need to watch this instead of doing it.

Clear expectations around this task and activity and communicate this to the people who do them, along with documented procedures will contribute to increasing your time tank and giving you more capacity to work as your business owner than your business employee.