4 health checks for every woman

Over the years, women’s lives has changes dramatically. It is said that the well-being of a woman is directly proportional to the health of the family. In the current occupied world, women must not only be proactive about the maintenance of their health, but also to obtain regular health checks for the early detection of any problem can help with advance prevention and better treatment. Now, several days, several compact packages of the Heath are offered by hospitals and diagnostic centers that help maintain a healthy life.

There are many health control packages specially designed for today’s women. Some of them are: –

• Heath Tits Result Packages: The packaging test focuses particularly on the examination of the breasts of the presence of buffers or masses, weight loss / appetite and more. Breast health control packages include: a bilateral mammography test, a USG-bilateral test and ultrasound of both breasts.

Why: Changes in stress and lifestyle have put women at a higher risk of developing deadly diseases. A disease like breast cancer increases at an alarming rate. As a result, it is remarkably important that every 40-year-old woman in the post-menopause post should undergo tests. The first reason in progress – the diagnosis of breast cancer or any other related problem can help obtain early treatment and prevent the disease from increasing.

• Complete packaging of blood number (CBC): a anemia test, hemoglobin of the number of blood cells. The package is very useful and affordable because the tests give inputs on various blood-related leaders, including the number of red blood cells, the number of white blood cells and platelets count, the level of hemoglobin, etc.

Why: If we feel fatigue and weakness even after performing small activities, it is strong higher than the number of hemoglobin has decreased. If one suffers from a constant attack by the viruses, falling from sick, there is a good chance that the WBCs who fight the germs have decreased in numbers. Therefore, in order to stay in shape and active, it is essential to obtain routine controls. The number of low blood cells can cause anemia while high blood cells can cause diseases such as bone marrow disease or low blood oxygen rates.

Although there is no such period of time or age suggested to get the test performed, a complete number of blood test can be obtained at any time. It is very beneficial in all respects.

• Ultrasonic packages include the examination of the stomach, the entire abdominal and pelvic region.

Why: During pregnancy, an ultrasound is very beneficial. It helps you map the form of the uterus and verifies the anomalies as well as the growth of fibroids. It also helps to assess abdominal pain and diagnose tumor growth throughout the pelvic area. In addition, an ultrasound test helps to obtain a clear image of many other essential parts of the body such as chest, joints, etc. A variety of ultrasonic health control packages are available at affordable prices.

• Heart control packages contain cardiac stress analysis, pulmonary function tests, ECG, dietary advice, echocardiogram, apolipoprotein, lipoprotein, cardiac consultation, cardiac sweep 320, resistance tests , etc.

Why: These tests are very useful that reflect the underlying heart conditions by placing electrical detection devices on the body in some specific locations that measure the activities of the heart. A stress test helps to evaluate the effectiveness of cardiac drugs to control various problems, helps detect the presence of coronary heart disease and identify abnormal heart rates. ECG, on the other hand, helps the early detection of the appearance of a heart attack that can be in the evolution phase. It also helps to analyze the blood flow gently in the heart, the level of blood pressure, the presence of blood clots and also mapping inflammation in the heart.